"The brain is wider than the sky." - Emily Dickinson
Dr. Jim Fuller

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Dr. Fuller began his career in Rhetoric and Communication in his late teens and early twenties as a Southern Baptist minister, pastoring three churches and a Texas mission for migrant workers. This early experience overlapped his service on active duty in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam era. Later he served on the faculties of Baylor University, New York University, and Wesleyan University as Director of Debate and teacher of various courses in Rhetoric and Communication.

Currently Dr. Fuller is a full-time psychotherapist in private practice, and formerly taught courses in gender and family communication at the University of Richmond. In both his teaching and clinical practice he brings together his two overlapping careers. His work is characterized by the interweaving of eclectic interdisciplinary theory and methodology, both in the classroom and in the private therapy setting. Dr. Fuller is particularly interested in how gender and diverse contemporary family structures are effected by the central dynamic of intra and interpersonal communication.

Men focus on sex and tasks. Women focus on connection through dialogue and feelings….

Gender and Communication

The eastern mystics refer to the dynamics of the mind as a “play of consciousness”....


Difficult emotions arise normally in everyday life……

How to Manage Difficult Emotions

Lessons in Successful Living

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