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Patient Resources

Patient Resources is a collection of books and audio that Dr. Fuller provides to help you in your recovery process.  

Books & Audio


Dr. Fuller’s book, “Pathways To True Intimacy”, is designed to help couples learn how to communicate in ways that establish and maintain true intimacy.  On a more practical level, this book also helps couples learn to mutually solve the myriad of concrete problems necessary to maintain a household.  The eight chapters included in this book explore what Dr. Fuller has learned from his experience as a professor teaching interpersonal communication; gender, relationships and communication; and communication in the family.  It also includes what Dr. Fuller has learned about applied communication from his experience as a psychotherapist, husband and father.  Exercises are included for each chapter, and are designed to help couples implement the content.


Deep Relaxation essentially involves learning to tune out the external world, accessed by sight, sound, and touch; and alternately tuning in to the world inside your body. Deep Relaxation occurs when, with direction, you learn to progressively identify and let go of tension stored in your body. This is an acquired skill, which requires practice and repetition.

Find a quiet place where you will not be externally interrupted. Sit in an upright position where your back is well supported, your feet are flat on the floor, and your thighs are parallel to the floor. Close your eyes and take a few nice deep breaths. Turn on Dr. Fuller’s Deep Relaxation Audio File, follow his direction, and enjoy the pleasant feelings that come from learning to practice Deep Relaxation.

Deep Relaxation Audio

Deep Relaxation.mp3

To download and listen to the deep relaxation audio file click on this speaker to begin.

Title Page

Table of Contents



Chapter One: The Basics of Good Communication

Chapter Two: Small Talk

Chapter Three:Talking With Ourselves

Chapter Four: Power-Less Relationships: The Foundation For True Intimacy

Chapter Five: What is Defensiveness and How Does It Make A Communication Toxic?

Chapter Six: How To Argue Effectively

Chapter Seven: Sexual Intimacy

Chapter Eight: Biological Differences: What Are They And Why Are They Important?


Pathways to Intimacy